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Sean and the boxers at the Finchley and District Boxing Club have been kind enough to tolerate a few of us taking shots during the training sessions over the past few weeks. We've even been allowed to set up a few studio lights and do some portraits. 

The lighting in the gym is a little too low for good action shots, and we have not used flash (so far), so the sparring images are a bit gritty.  Some of the boxers asked to see more than just the fully edited images so I have put some in a separate gallery.

If you are in one of the images and would like a copy, email info@southgatephoto.org.uk . Also if you would prefer your image is taken down or password-protected, let us know.

Thanks again to all the boxers and trainers who let us practice while they were practising. 

These images are copyright of the authors and may not be copied or used without express permission.

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