Welcome, fellow photo enthusiast.

We are still meeting regularly and welcoming new members. You do not need any specific equipment or skill level - just an interest in photography :-).

The pandemic has required a few changes, but we have returned to face-to-face meetings in September 2021, with the occasional online everning. You will need a mask, should have had two vaccinations, and no covid symptoms. We are not serving beverages at the break, but you are welcome to bring your own. 

We will be catching up on our Print competitions. Members are also organising photography walks from time to time. And above all,  we are still taking pictures. To find out more, please get in touch!.

Do email us to find out more about what we do or to attend a specific photo talk. We can have a chat and invite you to a few of our meetings or a walk. We are all amateurs, from beginner to very experienced. Anyone can join as long as they are interested in photography. You don't need to be at any specific level,  have certain camera gear or a distinguished portfolio (but we won't object if you do...).

Hope to see you soon.


Directions to our (physical) meeting space:    

Find us in the church hall behind St Paul's church (map) in Winchmore Hill, N21 1JA. Meetings start at 8pm. You can park in the church car park. Walk to the rear of the building and enter via the door in the corner, to the right as you face the church. We are upstairs in the Howley Hall - see the picture below. For a map and directions, try here, or here

Get in touch via info@southgatephoto.org.uk

SPS Howley Hall aerial shot and directions

Our club was founded in 1939 "to promote knowledge of the Art and Science of Photography" and to "encourage the fellowship and recreation of its members". We are affiliated to the Photographers Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) via our local division, the East Anglian Federation (EAF)

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